Saturday, January 30, 2016

Malaysian In UK - Life in Small Town English CoutrySide

Three months in the UK, i miss Malaysian food and home so much. So far , not really  doing anything except compiling journals and articles for my final dissertation. Writing and review my final proposal, headache with problem statement and sampling. Very very difficult to get halal food here in holbeach, i tak larat nk makan  fish and chip,  few kg dah kurang , my tummy pun dan nipis skit... takda food nak makan sangat. every weekend we have to travel to Peterborough , 1 hr from spalding
untuk pi beli daging halal.. :-)

Holbeach , Small town with nothing

Selfie bersama itik di Fishpond lane, belakang rumah je ni

Morning walk around my neighbourhood - holbeach

Waiting for bus- weekly trip to Peterborough for Halal Meat n Chicken

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